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Hire me for Graphic Design

For any of you that don't know, I have been working as a Graphic Designer for close to 20 years mostly for various print shops on top of this illustration and comics stuff. Over the years my designs have been used for Stickers, Signs, Metal Plates and every piece of clothing imaginable. I haven't promoted that skill set here as much since I was trying to build a separate entity for illustration and my comics. Now, it seems that doesn't make sense, hear me out. Obviously doing design work as my day job has helped me build a huge catalog of skills, some of which translate to my illustration work. I have over the years taken on design jobs but never really promoted it as part of my business, the idea being that what I project about myself will attract the kinds of jobs that I get, although I'm not sure if this is exactly the case.

Sci-Fi or Die T-Shirt Design art and Design by LUke Welch

Another thing that has been rattling around in my brain is the fact that I'm pretty damn good at design, I can listen to the client and get their idea across that matches what they want, often in the first try or with minimal tweaks. Also in most cases I can work very fast, banging out designs in under an hour versus a comic page which can take days to pencil, Ink, Color and letter. I guess as you get older you see the value of your time and how your skill may better suit you life and goals. This is a long way of saying that I have put up a design portfolio on my site and am looking for new clients. Prices will be negotiated on a job by job basis, based on what exactly they entail. Basic logo design versus full hand drawn illustration or some combination of both or everything in-between, I always love a challenge and look forward to tackling the craziest of ideas. So if you have a project you think I might be well suited to work on drop me an email and we can go from there. In the meantime check out my design portfolio with the link below.



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