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The Pod - Chapter 1 - Odyssey is now on webtoons

The Pod Webtoons Cover

I have decided to reformat my comic The Pod to better fit webtoons. Not for exclusively of course but why not make it easier to read on the web. For the most part webtoons seems to be optimized for viewing on a phone with the scrolling down as opposed to page turns. This is quite the undertaking, cutting apart pages and panels. Especially when characters burst out of frames. I have split the first issue/chapter into 4 episodes. My plan was to have them done in time to enter the contest that Webtoons is running. How could I not? There is a chance to win big money for something that I'm already doing. Thats a win win situation if you ask me. So if you've been following me wondering where this thing is headed check out chapter 1 Odyssey on webtoons. Feel free to leave any comments you may have or share it around.


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